Collaborations Workshop 2011 – registration now open

Following hot on the heels of the 7 Feb workshop for digital curators, is a workshop for researchers who use software, software developers, project managers and funders. The software preservation project is supporting this Collaborations Workshop – it is a key opportunity to disseminate the findings and messages of the work to these target audiences. Read on, if you’re interested…

If you use software in your research – or want to use it in the future – the Collaborations Workshop (CW11) is the perfect opportunity for you to meet people who you could work with.

The two-day workshop brings together researchers who use software, funders and software developers. Its goal is to provide attendees with everything needed to create successful collaborations. It’s the perfect forum for people to discuss their research and their project’s requirements, and then meet the people who can fulfil those requirements.

Who should attend

  • Researchers from all disciplines who use software, or want to use it in their research
  • Software developers
  • Project managers
  • Funders

No more death by powerpoint!

What we discuss at the workshop depends on the interests of the workshop’s attendees. We use a flexible agenda: attendees suggest the topics for discussion before and during the workshop. At the workshop, we take a vote and only the most popular topics make the agenda.

Discuss your research and your project’s needs

Any attendee can elect to present a lightening talk. It’s the perfect opportunity to advertise your work and let people know who you want to collaborate with. (There is limited time for lightening talks, so book early!)

After your talk, anyone who is interested in working with you can organise time to meet with you and discuss a potential collaboration.

Talk with funders

Collaboration without funding is difficult. This year, we’re inviting funders from the research councils and the private sector to attend the meeting for a meet the funders session. This will give these important groups the opportunity to discuss their plans for 2011.

Engage software developers

The Collaborations Workshop was developed to meet the needs of researchers who use software. If you are in this group – or want to be – you can meet with a variety of software experts at the workshop.